Ventilation Systems

We often take the quality of air we breathe for granted, when the average person intakes 3.4 litres of air every minute.

Air ventilation is considered important for our comfort & health, so the internal cleanliness of these specialist systems is increasingly vital. Planned preventive maintenance is the perfect way to ensure they’re kept clean.

This improves operation resulting in improved efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

Bathroom Ventilation system

Heat Recovery; Efficient, Environmental & Regulatory

We use Heat Recovery systems on our projects to supply office environments with good quality filtered fresh air and keep the conditioned air in the building.

By recirculating air via an exchanger we maintain a comfortable environment efficiently.

Fresh Air Supply and Extraction

A great solution for zones with increased occupancy by different people, by keeping all closed of open zones air fresh, furthermore preventing the air from drying out.

All air conditioned zones require a percentage of fresh air to maintain continuous overall comfort.

ventilation ducting

Efficient Extraction for Kitchens & Bathrooms

Damp & odour is a continuous burden for any commercial or residential buildings.

We support many of our existing and new clients with single or multi-point extraction installations to remove these unwanted element, helping to improve their every day activities.

Damp left in the zones air indefinitely leads to mould, which can result in ill health & serious breathing conditions. Polluted air has many reasons why it should be removed, including germs, staining and odour.

Workplace Regulations

Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulation 1992 requires that effective provisions should be made to ensure every enclosed workplace is ventilated by a sufficient quantity of fresh or purified air.

Where ventilation is provided by mechanical means, the regulations require those mechanical ventilation systems to be maintained (cleaned as appropriate) providing efficient working order. Failure to carry out these duties is a breach of the regulations, which exists in the interests of all our health.

Our ethics are clear

This is why we offer maintenance contracts for all our systems installed or maintained, so our clients dont need to worry. We provide gentle reminders in a timely pre-arranged manner to our continued clients, assisting them with their annual duties of care.

This provides longevity to all their specialist equipment systems to their every day needs for them and their own clients, furthermore ensuring they remain compliant to the continued changing regulations.

Our goals are clear, simple & effective; reduce energy consumption, increase comfort and maintain health.

An Exceptionally Efficient Product

Being in the UK with our weather and climate, finding a convenient and efficient heating source, supported by the Government WITH the added ability to cool is a winning combination.

Heat Pumps are, in fact, now the few technologies that comply with the regulations efficiency requirements for A+++ class ratings, which have been introduced in 2019.

From 2015, the least efficient heat pump products have been banned from the market along with many heat pump refrigerants banned already due to their high GWP (global warming potential).

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