Ventilation Servicing & Maintenance

At SJH BUILDING SERVICES we offer specialist solutions for VENTILATION Service & Maintenance. By providing you with service & repairs for full systems, split systems and both outdoor and indoor configurations, you’re in the right hands with us.

Bathroom Ventilation system

Ventilation maintenance post COVID-19

FRESH AIR & EXTRACTION has never been more important, with hygiene so critical now more than ever.

VENTILATION provides FRESH clean & filtrated AIR to high occupancy areas, so the air you breath is cleaner & fresher, whilst extraction consistently removes bad air, eliminating smells.

We carry out extremely through inspections with different service levels to fit all different budgets, to ensure our clients systems are cared for to the highest & healthiest standard possible within budget.

We facilitate one off repairs and service visits or periodic on-going contract maintenance packages and our services are tailored to each application.

Common Ventilation Application Servicing

Kitchens are the most desired applications for extraction due to the smells from cooking, which stains everything around it and spreads airborne grease which provides increased fire risks.

All these systems from DUCTED, AIR HANDLING UNITS are playing an important role as we require them to remain in consistent operation to purify the environments air we work, live & plan in.

These systems parts are take a hammering from constant use and need regular maintenance.  As always we are just a phone call away for our contracted & new clients, whether it’s for cleaning parts, changing filter panels, cleaning air exchangers with specialist chemicals.

For all your VENTILATION needs please do contact us to see how truly helpful & diverse we are.

Office & Kitchen Ventilation

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Why choose us for ventilation service maintenance?

SJH Building Services has several decades of experience with ventilation maintenance, which makes us stand out from the competition.

From the moment you call our centre until our ventilation maintenance team leaves the premises, you will get an absolutely stellar service. This customer focused approach is the main reason for our sustained success over the years.

Not only have many of our customers been with us for years, they have also regularly recommended our services to people they know. It makes us very proud to say that these referrals are a significant source of new business for SJH Building Services.

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