Has your search for competitively priced domestic and commercial refrigeration services in Hampshire left you scratching your head?

One call to SJH BUILDING SERVICES will put you back on track. What’s more, is that you’ll have assurances that all work will be carried out and overseen by a fully trained refrigeration engineer.

We have a vast amount of experience in all aspects of the industry and have dealt with clients from small, medium, and large commercial refrigeration sections for many years. We have a great team and a vast network that spans the entire industry making us the go-to company for refrigeration services in Hampshire. Commercial refrigeration sits at the core of what SJH BUILDING SERVICES has to offer.

In fact, we’re proud to say that we boast an extensive list of long-standing clients who choose to utilise our expertise on a daily basis.

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How Can Our Refrigeration Engineers Be Of Assistance?

At SJH BUILDING SERVICES, our team of engineers are skilled in all areas of refrigeration, including but not limited to:

Cold Rooms

Ice Machines

Water Chillers

And More!

We can help with anything that involves the removal or relocation of heat. As part of our domestic and commercial refrigeration services in Hampshire, we supply top-of-the-range products, all at reasonable prices. The benefit of buying from us is that you’re buying from engineers who understand these products rather than an online warehouse.

Our list of happy customers goes on, so come check out the up-to-date feedback about us.

Maintenance & Repairs

Refrigeration systems require regular upkeep to ensure that they remain working all year long. The importance of this cannot be overstated where perishable items are concerned. We provide periodic maintenance which is the key to our success, helping to nurture fantastic business relationships while keeping our clients’ systems operational.

Maintaining critical systems is crucial, much like most of the things in life that we use and rely on every day. Like with your car, commercial refrigeration needs looking after to ensure a long service life and that everything runs smoothly. This is where our refrigeration engineers in Hampshire are here to help with periodic on-going contract packages tailored to you. As well as supplying products, we can manage the periodic maintenance for the lifetime of the systems.

The cost of breakdowns to businesses is all too often not considered when purchasing new systems. We always offer this service following an installation for the customer to review and consider. We can facilitate one-off repairs and service visits or periodic on-going contract packages.

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