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Preventative Maintenance

Here at SJH BUILDING SERVICES, we believe in the value of providing quality preventative measures through competitively priced maintenance bespoke to our customers’ needs.

But what is preventative maintenance? It is proactive by its very definition, a service designed to prevent more costly repairs from becoming a frequent issue while keeping a system operating at peak efficiency.
When devising a maintenance plan, information critical to the decision-making process is first, how often servicing is required and, second, when it’s required. It’s worth bearing in mind that these two things aren’t necessarily the same. Finally, the payback on investment should be carefully weighed to make certain that it’s worth the investment.

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Domestic and Commercial Preventative  Maintenance

It always helps to understand what keeps a system operating efficiently as well as the factors that can contribute to it failing. Take AC/R systems, for example; these systems work by relocating heat from one place to another. Heat is moved to a new location where it’s disposed of or repurposed for something else.

For this process to occur, there must be a temperature differential between the refrigerant and the heat transfer coils and the air or water from which heat is being removed or added to. The refrigerant and heat coils are commonly referred to as the evaporator and condenser. Energy is supplied by the compressor which, in turn, increases pressure.

The added pressure increases the temperature of the refrigerant where the energy absorbed by the evaporator and added to by the compressor is expelled. Less energy is required if the difference in temperature is lower as the pressure difference is small enough that less work is required of the compressor to make everything work.


As an example, we shall take an AC system that is functioning on a hot day. In order to reject enough heat at a lower efficiency, a temperature difference of 25oF must be established between the refrigerant and the air. Assume for a moment that the air is 90oF, the refrigerant, therefore, must be 90+25 = 115oF. In the case of RF10A, this equals a pressure of 392 PSIG.

A larger condenser would serve to lower the required temperature difference meaning that the refrigerant temperature and pressure can also be reduced. In other words, the compressor will run cooler and have to work less, saving energy in the process.

However, if dirt or other contaminants are present that might act to insulate the system, airflow can be reduced. This means that the refrigerant needs to be hotter in order to reject the required amount of heat. Even the most efficient system will be affected, turning a high-efficiency system into a low-efficiency one and costing you money in the process. This makes domestic and commercial preventative maintenance in Hampshire all the more important for keeping any system at peak efficiency.

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How Can Our Maintenance Specialists in Hampshire Help?

At SJH BUILDING SERVICES, we recommend at least two annual service visits for air conditioning units installed in residential environments. For more critical business we would normally advise that you allow for more frequent service visits. Examples include:

Server Rooms

Trading Floors

Retail Shops




Our team can devise a servicing package that is bespoke to your requirements. Every visit will be carried out by a fully trained and certified professional in line with all industry regulations. At the conclusion of every servicing, you’ll be provided with a complete report of our findings.

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