Easipetcare got in touch with SJH Building Services in response to an issue they were having with the temperature of one of their cold storage units.
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The unit wasn’t keeping to the right temperature, potentially endangering the temperature-sensitive goods contained inside. We arranged a time to attend the Easipetcare premises and to carry out a thorough inspection.

At the conclusion of our inspection, we noted that the door gasket was severely worn. As a result, it was no longer creating a seal, causing cold air to leak out and the temperature inside to climb. In order to restore the cold storage unit to full working order, we replaced the gasket with a new one and made sure that any leaks were taken care of. We also replaced the faulty pipework that our leak detection equipment detected was leaking due to poor workmanship.  At the conclusion of our work, the room was sealed once more and recording a steady temperature.

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