Portable Air Conditioning Units to Rent

Are you feeling the HOT SUMMER VIBES? If you’re looking for a way to stay cool as the thermostat starts to climb, look no further than SJH Building Services, as right now; we’re offering 20% off! For all your portable air conditioning requirements, we’re the only team you need to contact. Don’t sweat climate change; get in touch with our team now on 02380 177700 to request a free, no-obligation quotation.

Top-Quality Air Conditioning Units from a Trusted Supplier

When the sun is out and the temperature soars, you’ll probably find yourself reaching for the nearest fan. While a fan might feel like it’s cooling you down, it’s actually having the opposite effect as fans merely circulate the warm air that is in the room. As a result, you’ll feel hotter once the fan has been switched off. Air conditioning, on the other hand, works by cooling or “conditioning” the air around you.

This encompasses the entire room so, regardless of where you’re stood or sat, you’ll feel the full benefits. But what if you’re unable to secure permission to have an air conditioning system installed?

Fortunately, here at SJH Building Services, we have the solution with our portable air conditioning units. Available for rental and sale all year round, each unit is powerful enough to serve a room measuring 5 x 5 metres.

You’ll also receive a complete window kit for improved climate control along with an evaporative drainage system that is the best-in-class.

With just one of these units, you can adjust the ambient temperature inside, making for a more comfortable living or working environment. If you need to cover a larger area, our team are more than capable of sizing up the number of units required to provide complete coverage throughout.

World-Class Cooling Solutions

At SJH Building Services, we provide some of the most effective air conditioning units the industry has to offer. With an energy efficiency rating of A+, you can afford to keep your family or employees nice and cool without worrying about escalating costs. Each unit comes equipped with an array of features, such as a ‘follow-me’ function, omnidirectional wheels, auto-evaporation system, and an auto-diagnosis system for quickly identifying issues.

When the temperature peaks and you need to coax a little more to take the edge off, you’ll find the turbo mode feature to be quite handy. Other features include:

Ultra-Quiet Operation

LED Display

24-Hour Timer

Sleep Mode

Auto Defrost Setting

Refrigerant Leak Detection

Plus, once you’re finished with the unit, there’s no need to switch it off. Each unit comes with a standby function which, once activated, reduces the unit’s energy consumption down to an almost negligible level. While in standby mode, the unit can be quickly fired up again. So, if you’re feeling the heat, the reasons listed above should hopefully convince you that a portable air conditioning unit is the way forward.

Our list of happy customers goes on, so come check out the up-to-date feedback about us.

How Can SJH Building Services Assist You?

Our team are more than happy to carry out a survey of your living or work-space to determine your exact cooling requirements. We’ll then recommend the appropriate number of air conditioning units necessary to provide you with complete coverage. Once we’ve concluded the consultation phase of our service, you’ll be supplied with a fully itemised quotation. We believe in being completely upfront with our customers, so don’t expect to have to contend with any hidden fees.

If you’re happy with the fee that we’ve quoted, we’ll arrange to have the units delivered to your premises. The beauty of these portable air conditioning units is that they are incredibly easy to install and get set up. If you require assistance, however, our team will be more than happy to help. Once everything is up and running, we’ll make a couple of final checks just to make sure that everything is working correctly.

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So, if you’re finding the hot weather simply unbearable, get in touch with SJH Building Services on 02380 177700 to inquire about our portable air conditioning units to rent.