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F-Gas Compliance

It is very important to us to keep our customers notified of what is required of them to ensure their equipment remains compliant to building regs/legislations, along with Health & Safety regs & legislations.

This can be anything from electrical or mechanical faults not being addressed, starting as faults but leading to more serious problems (even death) from lack of due care & attention.

For large DX Mechanical equipment, faults can come in the form of leaking refrigerant into a poorly ventilated space, exposing employees, staff, customers & the public to refrigerant gas that can lead to asphyxiation if released in large enough quantities.

Electrical faults can be connections shorting and eventually causing a fire from arching or sparking, which would be found under investigation, invalidating building & content insurance for businesses or consumers.

Faults from lack of maintenance can even be as simple as equipment housing falling apart from age, exposing live contacts or anything dangerous to anyone within that vicinity. Even an unfortunate building maintenance man/woman may not be aware of the dangers involved with specialist equipment because they may not be trained in that sector of plant.

The form below provides further detail of why maintenance up keep is important for specialist equipment. This applies to anyone using & operating Air Conditioning/Refrigeration specialist plant on their premises whether consumer or business orientated.


Dehumidification & Purification Service Levels

Air Conditioning systems will vary upon size therefore varying exact percentages of dehumidification, but a typical Air Conditioning Split System will provide 20-25% reduction in your environments RH (Relative Humidity) levels. Applications of this type can be function rooms for party venues.

Applications with levels of humidity higher than the above 20-25% require a specific dehumidification system.

Swimming pools will reach their environment RH levels up to around 75%, producing a lot of moisture which if not controlled satisfactory will lead to human health issues & building fabrication problems.

Air conditioning is a valuable addition to any system after cost of capital remuneration, providing Cooling & Heating with extremely low electrical usage, typically 4kw output to 900watts consumption.

DX condensers typically are incorporated into the design with large AHU’s (Air Handling Units) where the Evaporators are built into the cooling modules, providing cooling & heating with high purification/filtration (removable panel filters) & Fresh Air Mixing Chambers, to not deplete enclosed environments natural air required properties preventing tiredness & fatigue.

Applications for this type of system can be gymnasiums, casinos & shopping centres, but can also be scaled down for lighter commercial applications.

Smaller systems of FCU’s (fan coil units) for residential applications, positioned within loft spaces serving supply & return ducting to rooms upon 1st floor – wherever location is possible.

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