HeatPlumb Service & Maintenance

At SJH BUILDING SERVICES we offer a complete service and maintenance solution for PLUMBING and HEATING. Providing service & repairs for heating and plumbing systems all the way from indoor & outdoor components, to your complete system.

Heating & Plumbing System Maintenance

Up to the minute Heating & Plumbing knowledge

The guidelines of practice & improving new technology changes to be greener, by reducing Carbon Emissions are our mantra.

Our PLUMBING services are excellent for your residential or commercial needs, so if you need a PLUMBER then SJH Building Services are the ones to call.

We are excellent at removing blockages, repairing leaks, to replacing components for all your HEATING systems.

Our services are tailored to each application.

We can facilitate one off repairs and service visits or periodic on-going contract packages.

Our drive is to assist all our customers whether new or existing, with complete solutions for all their HEATING requirements.

We have already helped hundreds across the UK with our diverse skill-sets, even our contracted sites when there for something entirely different.

We would love to help you too!

The future of home heating – Air Source Heating Pumps

The high carbon footprint of boilers means that whilst they are a technology that has served us well they are coming to the end of their time.

New products now cool and heat WATER, as well as AIR.

AIR SOURCE HEAT PUMPS are extremely efficient when used for heating large or small areas.

This new technology can be utilised when considering heating systems for new build properties or extensions for an existing home.

AIR SOURCE HEAT PUMPS are the renewable future already taking over from boilers & other less efficient sources providing HEAT. They are considered the most efficient heating solution for new builds, whilst our specialist suppliers also provide Renewable Hybrid solutions for existing applications.

Air Source Heat Pump - Renewable

Hybrid Energy & Gas Safe Suppliers

HYBRID switches between GAS & ELECTRIC by monitoring the most efficient energy source.

This provides efficiency savings & back up for when either becomes unavailable, for those times when energy providers are carrying out maintenance repairs.

We are not GAS SAFE, but we work with experts whom are fully qualified, vetted & certified to carry out the GAS SAFE work & certificating to comply with building regs; between us we can get the JOB DONE.

Our list of happy customers goes on, so come check out the up-to-date feedback about us.

Why choose us for Heating & Plumbing service maintenance?

SJH Building Services has several decades of experience with Heating & Plumbing  maintenance, which makes us stand out from the competition.

From the moment you call our centre until our HeatPlumb maintenance team leaves the premises, you will get an absolutely stellar service. This customer focused approach is the main reason for our sustained success over the years.

Not only have many of our customers been with us for years, they have also regularly recommended our services to people they know. It makes us very proud to say that these referrals are a significant source of new business for SJH Building Services.

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