Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) is a new ‘buzz’ word. It is also the new term for conventional air conditioning systems.

Here at SJH Building Services, we now have products for cooling and heating WATER as well as AIR.

ASHP’s are extremely effective and efficient when used for heating large or small areas. Through our services, they are available on a domestic and commercial basis.

This can be utilised when looking at heating systems for new build homes or extensions on an existing home.

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Expert Installation from Our Heating Experts

When you choose our experts for heating services, you’ll find that we:

Perform quick and efficient installation

Deliver exceptional customer service

Offer long-term maintenance care

Provide useful heating advice

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An Exceptionally Efficient Product

Being in the UK with our weather and climate, finding a convenient and efficient heating source, supported by the Government WITH the added ability to cool is a winning combination.

Heat Pumps are, in fact, now the few technologies that comply with the regulations efficiency requirements for A+++ class ratings, which have been introduced in 2019.

From 2015, the least efficient heat pump products have been banned from the market along with many heat pump refrigerants banned already due to their high GWP (global warming potential).

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