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At SJH BUILDING SERVICES, our expert knowledge of domestic and commercial heat recovery and ventilation is unparalleled.

As with all government documents, the paperwork surrounding the new Building Regulations is daunting – all 600 or so pages of it, but actually, it all boils down to two main points. First, the method of measurement shifts from elemental U-values to actual CO2 emissions. Second, all domestic buildings need to show a 25% improvement on CO2 emissions over the 2006 standard.

The 25% improvement in Dwelling Emission Rate (DER) is a step on the way towards zero-carbon houses. If that target is to be hit, then methods of ensuring that the property is built as specified have to be put in place.

Regulations are shifting more towards requiring additional information, more detail, and more calculations at the design stage. There’s also a shift towards giving Building Control Officers (BCOs) more powers to inspect and enforce. Essentially, the focus is now on designing the house properly and ensuring it is built to the design.

Energy Recovery

Heat Recovery & Ventilation in Hampshire

Heat recovery is a great way to meet the new Building L regulations. We commonly use heat recovery systems for our projects to supply office environments with good quality fresh air while keeping the conditioned air inside the building. This forms the backbone of our domestic and commercial heat recovery and ventilation services in Hampshire.

By recirculating the air via an exchanger, we maintain a comfortable environment with absolute efficiency. The Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) is designed to help installers like us engage with renewable heating technologies.

All air conditioning systems are to be inspected every five years to ensure they’re energy efficient under current legislation. If they are not inspected, fines of up to £300.00 can be issued.

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Quality Workmanship

As part of our domestic and commercial heat recovery and ventilation services in Hampshire, we provide complete inspections. These include a visual and hands-on assessment of the equipment and controls. A report from an accredited assessor will be issued. This will highlight the efficiency of the system with suggestions on ways to improve the efficiency. The report will also identify any faults and outline suggested actions.

Whether or not you fall under the requirements, there is money to be saved. At SJH BUILDING SERVICES, our domestic and commercial heat recovery and ventilation services are available for all manner of clients, including:


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