F-Gas Compliance

Who is responsible for F-Gas compliance…? Anyone who operates a Refrigeration or Air Conditioning unit with a capacity of over 3kg is required to maintain that system at regular intervals. In the UK, these checks should be carried out by a REFCOM registered engineer. However, it is the responsibility of the system owner to ensure that the work is done and that accurate records are kept available for inspection. Failure to implement adequate F-Gas records can result in prosecution and large fines.

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F-Gas Audit and Compliance for owner/operators

Ideally asset owners should be ensuring that their F-Gas audit and compliance system includes:

Keeping an asset list of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment containing F-Gas refrigerants

Creating an F-Gas register that is available to view as a F-Gas folder to be kept on site and an electronic version if so required.

Keeping the F-Gas register up to date in accordance with the F-Gas regulations throughout the life of the system.

Implementing documented leak checking programmes for all refrigeration and air conditioning equipment containing F-Gas refrigerants

The F-Gas regulations require that minimal refrigerant gases escape into the atmosphere and that equipment runs at its maximum efficiency where possible.

Key Obligations of the operator

The F-Gas regulations require the operator of stationary air conditioning or refrigeration equipment that uses refrigerants containing F-gases to comply with the obligations set out in the F-Gas regulations.

The principle requirements of the F-Gas regulations for all qualifying systems are:

A general obligation to prevent gas escape

Ensure only REFCOM qualified personnel carry out installation, servicing and maintenance and leakage checking

The main requirements of the EU F-Gas regulations for all fixed systems containing more than 3 kg of refrigerant gas are:

Ensure refrigerant records are kept and updated regularly

Implementation of refrigerant leak checking programmes by qualified engineers

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Keeping an F-Gas Register

Fixed air conditioning or refrigeration equipment containing more than 3 kg of refrigerants containing F-gases are to be listed onto the F-gas register. The F-Gas register is required to contain at least:

The quantity and type of F-Gas refrigerant in the system

Any quantities of refrigerant added to the system

The quantity of refrigerant removed during any servicing, maintenance and at end of life

The confirmed identity of the company or person who performed the servicing or maintenance, as well as the dates and results of leakage checks and leakage detection system checks

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Leak Checking requirements

The current EU F-Gas regulations require systems containing F-Gas refrigerants to be leak checked regularly depending on the quantity of the refrigerant they contain. Compliance with the F-Gas regulations requires that systems with:
3 kg or more charge (or 6 kg if hermitically sealed) – requires leak checking annually
30 kg or more charge – requires leak checking once every 6 months (also if there is a leak detection system already fitted the system only requires to be inspected annually)
300 kg or more charge – requires a leak check once every 3 months (also a leak detection system must be fitted and inspected annually)

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