Air Conditioning & Ventilation Post COVID-19

How should we be cleaning, maintaining and servicing Air Conditioning and Ventilation systems to ensure the safety of our co-workers, friends and family after COVID-19?


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On the fan coil heat exchanger surface, it is possible to inactivate the virus by heating up fan coils to 60c for one hour or 40c each day. If possible the system should switch to full heating mode every evening, or at a time when the building or affected room is unoccupied, to allow the coil temperature to rise to 60c for at least an hour with the fan on full speed to ensure as much air passes over the hot col as possible

Coarse filters (typical AC) do not effectively filter small particles but still might collect particle matter. Fans should be continuously operated to avoid re-suspension of virus sediment in filters when the fan is turned on. Continuous operation and exhaust ventilation will remove virus particles.


Increase air supply and exhaust ventilation

Buildings with mechanical ventilation systems extended operation times are recommended. Time ventilation to start at nominal speed at least 2
hours before the building usage time. Switch to lower speed 2 hours after the building usage time.

It is not recommended to switch ventilation systems off in any buildings, even those temporarily vacated, but to operate them continuously at reduced speeds.


Temporarily vacated buildings

Continue to operate ventilation systems continuously at reduced speed. This will ensure minimal energy usage, but will help to remove virus particles out of the building and from surfaces.


Practical recommendations for building services operation

Switch air handling units with re-circulation to 100% outdoor air fresh air supply.


Summary 5 Action Plans

  1. No re-circulation, as per REVHA, BESA and CIBSE advise
  2. Inspect systems for cleanliness
  3. Clean systems that fail to meet prescribed cleanliness levels
  4. Maintain and inspect systems as per British Standard and Industry guidance (for advise please contact us)
  5. Consider if ventilation to the area’s is fit for purpose / adequate and advise if you are concerned for further investigation by specialists.


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